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Mike Motivation Monday Podcast

  • Tyler J Stewart

    "The vision of the Blaise Training is so unique and powerful! They way you empower others to not only think and take action on their physical health but also other aspects of their health is what made me love supporting this business!"

  • Tyneicia Wells

    "Since first time I met Mikal, I knew he was someone I wanted to surround myself with because of his positivity, selflessness, and drive/ motivation."

  • Kaiya Fritz

    "Being a black owned business, it’s important to support them. Also, it’s great quality of clothing, good for sweating too. I bought the white shirt and it didn’t leave a noticeable sweat marks."

  • John A. Hawkins

    "The message of Never Settle is so unique and powerful! It relates to every aspect of life. I hope that you continue to impact many more people in the community, and especially the youth."

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Puma Loved It

This BT Never Settle sock active cushioned sock brings comfort to your workout with extra cushioning under the heel and forefoot and a snug, supportive arch band. Even Puma said they loved this photo with the socks.

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New Never Settle Shirt

This new box logo Design says "One Day You'll Realize You should Never Settle." Is made to help you keep a positive mindset not only in the gym but in all aspects of your life.

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Most Popular

This Blaise Training Never Settle Logo shirt is has the sold the most since the start of the brand in June 2020.

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Blaise Training is a personal training business that will help develop you physically but more importantly mentally. Blaise Training provides one on one sessions, fitness coaching, mental training, online training, workout programs, and apparel. The founder Mikal Settle was born in Fort Hood, Texas but has lived in Des Moines, IA since the age of 3. He graduated from Des moines Roosevelt high school in 2015 and played three sports(football, basketball, & track) while being captain of two sports. He later graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2020 as a Leisure Youth & Human Services major while playing two different sports (Rugby & Football). 

Blaise Training Partnerships and Achievements

Blaise Training Never Settle


    Blaise Training partnered with the University of Northern Iowa to have merchandise in the university book store. Click Here for Article

  • Never Settle Day- Community Event

    Blaise Training goal is not just about building your physical strength but more importantly your mental strength. Establish consistant lifelong habits that you transfer over to other life situations.

    Click Here For Article

  • Partnered with A Non-Profit

    Blaise Training Never Settle has recently partnered with Emerging Young Talent a Non- Profit that is to empower the youth in the inner city of Des Moines.

    Non Profit Website