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  • John A. Hawkins

    "The message of Never Settle is so unique and powerful! It relates to every aspect of life. I hope that they continue to impact many more people in the community, and especially the youth."

  • Kaiya Fritz

    "Being a black owned business, it's important to support them. Also, it's great quality of clothing, and is incredible for gym wear and any outdoor activities."

  • Tyneicia Wells

    "Since the first time I was introduced to the brand I fell in love with the message. The positivity, selflessness, and motivation they consistently put out with their content and clothing is incredible."

  • Tyler J Stewart

    " I have been a believer in the brand since literally day 1. Once you are introduced to the message of Never Settle and understand the deeper meaning behind the entire business. You can't help but believe and support."

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