Never Settle Journey

The Original Idea

Amid uncertainty with his life path in the early part of 2018, Mikal Settle had a huge decision to make. Whether he wanted to drop out of college after his football dreams had come to an end or continue to pursue his college degree and finish his last two years of school.

During this time of his life, it was extremely tough mentally and emotionally to decide what he wanted to do because he felt as if he had no purpose outside of a sport. Even though it was extremely tough, he decided to stay in school and get his degree.

Mikal had also decided that he wouldn't just settle for the degree, but he would also add to his experience by involving himself in internships that allowed him to travel the world, including places like Manama, Bahrain located in the Middle East.

He spent a little over a quarter of a year living there, which was not only a life-changing experience for him professionally but mentally and emotionally too. This truly allowed him to think and reflect on what he wanted to do with his life. All of a sudden, he decided, while placed in the middle of the world thousands of miles away from his original home Des Moines, IA.

So from that point on, Mikal took to Instagram and started to post workout and motivational content for the rest of his college experience.



The Business Development and concept 

At the tail end of Mikal's college career in the spring of 2020, he started to see a small amount of traction on social media. So Mikal decided that he would eventually take a job offer in Manama, Bahrain, and just continue to post workout and motivational content for the near future. Like many people say, "things didn't go as planned."

Soon after Mikal had finally decided on what he wanted to do with his life, a pandemic spread across the world, and Mikal was back living with his mom at the age of 24 with 4 of his 6 siblings. Being that it was such a hard time for not only Mikal and his family, he decided that he would not let his current situation limit his future.

So he soon would register his business and dive 100% into his dream of being a successful business owner. He started to develop clothing with a vinyl cutter and heat press in his mom's bathroom and eventually have people wear the brand across the world.

With this being the story of Mikal, he feels it is important to include fitness motivation for people to reach their personal health goals but also provide motivation for everyone in life. So we live by and push "Never Settle" in everything that we do! 

What We Do

Blaise Training Never Settle is a technology based fitness apparel business that will help give you the motivation and inspiration you need to reach your fitness goals and life goals. Blaise Training provides high-quality apparel and accessories that are innovative.

Some of our biggest accomplishments as a business are hosting free community events for the people of Des Moines, partnering with multiple Non-profits throughout the city of Des Moines that focus on providing information and innovative opportunities for the youth.

Being featured in February in the founder's former college bookstore at the University of Northern Iowa, and having a kiosk space in Iowa's largest mall, Jordan Creek Mall.

Creating a show called "Mike Motivation Monday" that gives people an opportunity to learn from people's life experiences dealing with mental health, financial problems, banking, barbering, and entrepreneurship.

Being featured in February in the founder's former college book store at the University of Northern Iowa. Being able to have a kiosk space in Iowa's largest mall Jordan Creek mall.